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Across the globe, healthcare professionals struggle with the many challenges of preventing infection. Hospital-acquired and community-acquired infections complicate and prolong treatment schedules for patients, and medical professionals are expected to reduce infection rates while sticking to tight budgets. Infection preventionists, distributors and Medical suppliers alike are always on the look for industry alternatives that save money and lives.

That’s where Ventyv comes in. We are infection prevention specialists who know that cutting infection rates is a human problem that requires a human touch. We understand the difficulties all medical health workers face, and realize the importance of cost-effective medical equipment in slashing infection rates and keeping the accounting department happy. We specialize in all manner of disposable gloves for industry use, whether it be in hospital environments or caring centres.

Let Ventyv be your partner in the fight to prevent infection. Sign up to get your free sample today, and together we can pave the way to a healthy and infection-free world.

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