Novaplus® Enhanced Supply Program for Exam Gloves

For more than three decades, Novaplus has been an industry leader for cost savings and quality products. In 2019, Vizient® made a great program even better with the launch of the Novaplus Enhanced Supply Program. This program ensures you’ll have the necessary supplies in time of need or other unforeseen disruptions.

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2021 Medical/Surgical Supplier of the Year

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Key Information

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Clinically Designed Portfolio

Ventyv® Novaplus Exam Gloves offer a wide range of protection options to meet your clinical and infection prevention needs. These high-quality gloves are tested for use with chemotherapy drugs.

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High-Quality Experience

Ventyv® is one of the few manufacturer brands directly supplied to the U.S. In unique fashion, these gloves are always manufactured in the same facilities, under the same stringent quality control, ensuring a consistent fit and quality experience.

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Great Value

Ventyv® offers best market pricing and a generous rebate! When purchasing on contract NE0070, members will receive the 3% Novaplus Administration Fee rebate and the 3% Novaplus licensing rebate. Additionally, members in the Impact Standardization program will receive an incremental rebate.



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Supply Assurance

Sri Trang, a top global glove company and the manufacturer of Ventyv® Novaplus Exam Gloves, proudly supports the program by holding 90 days of safety stock inventory in a dedicated warehouse at no additional expense.

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Novaplus® Nitrile Exam Glove 3.0 (Walrus)

This exam glove has a natural fit that allows for unrestricted hand motion and reduces hand fatigue. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s the lightest glove of the bunch.

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Group 271

Novaplus® Nitrile Exam Glove 3.5 (Elephant)

This exam glove is ideal for use in a large variety of clinical settings. This high end glove is a favorite amongst healthcare workers for its strength and versatility.

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Novaplus® Nitrile Exam Glove 5.0 (Kangaroo)

This exam glove offers barrier protection for superior infection prevention, with the look and feel of traditional Nitrile disposable medical gloves.

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