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Frequently Asked Questions

All of your questions about Ventyv® infection prevention, answered!

What glove materials does Ventyv® supply?

Ventyv® has nitrile and latex gloves. Vinyl is coming soon!

Where are the gloves manufactured?

All of our gloves are manufactured in Thailand. Ventyv® is a product of Sri Trang USA, a member of Sri Trang Group, the world’s largest fully integrated natural rubber company, with 41 locations worldwide. Sri Trang Gloves Thailand is one of the world's leading glove producers.

Are Ventyv® gloves tested for use with chemotherapy drugs?

  • Yes! We currently offer four glove options that are tested for use with chemotherapy drugs: Select 3.0 Walrus, Plus 5.0 Kangaroo, Plus 3.5 Elephant, and Select 3.5 Octopus. 
  • Just to be safe, gloves used for protection against chemotherapy drug exposure must be selected specifically for the type of chemicals used. Review material safety data sheets (MSDS) for the drug being used to determine the required level of protection. Contact Ventyv® for specific testing information.

Which GPOs (Group Purchasing Organizations) does Ventyv® have contracts with?

Ventyv® is on contract with Vizient, which includes all Provista members. The agreement will provide enhanced savings to Vizient’s diverse membership base, which includes academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, community hospitals, integrated health delivery networks, and non-acute healthcare providers.

Do you have local representation in my area?

Yes, Ventyv® has local representation across the United States. Contact us to learn more.

Does our distributor stock your product?

Yes, Ventyv® supports national, regional, and local distributor channels throughout the US. Email or call us to get in touch with your local distributor.

What kind of infection prevention products does Ventyv® offer?

Ventyv®, our name, comes from invention and prevention. Right now, we offer medical and general purpose disposable gloves, but we are dedicated to growing our product lines. What does this mean? Follow us on social media and subscribe to our updates so you will be the first to know!

What glove sizes do you offer?

We offer gloves in sizes XS to XL. Glove sizes vary depending on the type, and we will be happy to provide you with a sample glove.

Will Ventyv® private label their products for us?

Yes, we are happy to discuss a private label opportunity. Please email for more information on the product. You can also check out our product pages to learn more.

Do you offer evaluation samples?

  • We sure do! Simply submit your request online here.
  • Please let us know your order quantity and product of interest.
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Elephant 1 (1)
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free Plus 3.5 (Elephant)

Ventyv Nitrile Powder-Free Plus 3.5 Exam Glove (Elephant) is ideal for use in a large variety of clinical settings. This high end glove is a favorite amongst healthcare workers for its strength and polymer coating to make it easy to put on and take off.
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Kangaroo 2
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free Plus 5.0 (Kangaroo)

Ventyv Nitrile Powder-Free Plus 5.0 Exam Glove (Kangaroo) provides outstanding barrier protection with the fit and feel of a traditional nitrile glove.
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Octopus 3
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free Select 3.5 (Octopus)

Ventyv Nitrile Powder-Free Select 3.5 Exam Glove (Octopus) offers extreme comfort and proper grip for excellent performance across a wide range of dental practices and healthcare needs.
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Penguin 2
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free Plus WHITE 3.5 (Penguin)

Ventyv Nitrile Powder-Free Plus WHITE 3.5 Exam Glove (Penguin) is extremely versatile. With high strength and excellent protection, healthcare workers find this white glove a great alternative when switching from latex or vinyl.
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Polymed 1
Ventyv® Polymed® Examination Gloves

Polymed® is a powder-free, multi-layered latex glove that combines the elasticity of latex and the strength of copolymers. Fusion bonding protects this glove against cracking and peeling in normal use.
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Walrus 3
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free Select 3.0 (Walrus)

Ventyv Nitrile Powder-Free Select 3.0 Exam Glove (Walrus) has a natural fit that allows for unrestricted hand motion and reduces hand fatigue. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s the lightest glove of the bunch.
Lobster 2
Ventyv® Latex CORE 6.0 (Lobster)

Ventyv’s Latex Powder-Free CORE 6.0 General Purpose Gloves (Lobster) are your first line of defense. These low-friction, fingertip-textured general purpose gloves are ideal for use where electrostatic  charge is present.
Whale 1
Ventyv® Latex Powdered CORE 5.0 General Purpose Glove (Whale)

Ventyv Latex Powdered CORE 5.0 General Purpose Glove (Whale) provide maximum protection and comfort; these strong and elastic latex gloves are exactly what you need for everyday functionality. The powder coating of these general purpose gloves absorbs moisture, making them easy to put on and wear for prolonged periods while not inhibiting important tactile sensitivity. Whale is the perfect choice for any job requiring extended wear in any restaurant or sanitation work, or for hot and humid places.
Stingray 3
Ventyv® Latex Powder-Free CORE 5.0 (Stingray)

Ventyv Latex Powder-Free CORE 5.0 General Purpose Glove (Stingray) takes protection seriously. Our Latex CORE 5.0 line, which is as serious about ease of use, comfort, and usability as it is about providing wearers with a reliable skin barrier. Making them the ideal choice for a range of non-medical and general purpose jobs, from food hygiene and preparation in restaurants, to sanitation and cleaning jobs, to laboratory work.
Starfish 1
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free CORE 3.5 General Purpose Glove (Starfish)

Ventyv Nitrile Powder-Free CORE 3.5 General Purpose Glove (Starfish) has many strengths including, tactile sensitivity, protection from chemicals, and cost-effective value. The Starfish offers it all, these gloves are masters in all-around
performance for general purpose or non-medical environments, from restaurants, to cleaning companies, to sanitation, and even laboratory settings.
Seahorse 2
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free CORE 3.0 General Purpose Glove (Seahorse)

Ventyv Nitrile Powder-Free CORE 3.0 General Purpose Glove (Seahorse) is the perfect balance of comfort and durability. This glove guards against hand fatigue and provides an excellent chemical barrier. It is the perfect nitrile glove for food service and other general purpose use. They’re soft, easy to don, and fit so comfortably that you may just forget to take them off!
Otter 3
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free CORE 5.0 General Purpose Glove (Otter)

Ventyv Nitrile Powder-Free CORE 5.0 General Purpose Glove (Otter) are perfect for everyday use, especially for cleaning, food preparation, and more. Easy to use and adaptable for a wide range of industrial or general purpose applications, our Nitrile CORE 5.0 powder-free gloves are the perfect option for professionals in non-medical fields, from restaurants to cleaning and sanitation industries.
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free PLUS 5.0 (Bull)

Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free Plus 5.0 Black (Bull) Exam Glove has the fit and feel of a traditional nitrile glove and is ideal for use where extra protection is needed in clinical settings.
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free ULTRA 3.5 (Flamingo)

Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free Ultra 3.5 Coral (Flamingo) Exam Glove is ideal for use in a large variety of clinical settings. This high end glove is a must-have for its Aloe & Vitamin E coating, which provides protection against dry and cracking skin.
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free General Purpose CORE 5.0 (Orca)

When you need a product with strength and durability, our Orca range of Nitrile black gloves are serious about protection. Ventyv's® Nitrile Powder-Free Core 5.0 Black (Orca) provides the most strength and thickness in our Core line. The Orca is perfect for industries that need a bit more toughness.
Ventyv® Polymed® TLC

Polymed® TLC is a powder-free, multi- layered latex glove that combines the elasticity of latex and the strength of copolymers. The Aloe & Vitamin E coating provide protection against dry and cracking skin.
Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free PLUS 3.5 (Stallion)

Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free Plus 3.5 Black (Stallion) Exam Glove has a polymer coating to aid donning and doffing, coupled with superior barrier protection and is ideal for use in a large variety of clinical settings
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  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)
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  • Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)
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