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Hop to the Nitrile Powder-Free Plus 5.0 Exam Gloves

Mar 13, 2019 2:00:00 PM    posted in Exam Gloves

The most defining characteristic for the kangaroo is the large pouch that females have in order to protect their young. This protective pouch makes them the perfect animal to represent the Ventyv®
 Nitrile Powder-Free Plus 5.0 Exam Glove.

Get the jump on infection with the Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free Plus 5.0 Exam Glove (Kangaroo).
Not made with natural rubber latex and fingertip textured for effective use in veterinary, medical, laboratory and dental settings, our Kangaroo creature represents a nitrile powder-free glove that combines protection and reliability like no other. As with the mother Kangaroo, protection is a cornerstone of these gloves. Outstanding barrier protection and superior care come together in the familiar fit and feel of a traditional nitrile glove. Prevent infections and help your patients bounce back faster than ever with our favorite Kangaroo.

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Product Attributes:

  • • Blue

  • Nitrile

  • Powder-Free

  • Tested for Use with Chemotherapy Drugs

  • Fingertip Textured


Uses: Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Labs/Misc


Glove Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL


Glove Quantity per Box:

  • 200 (XL 180)

  • Boxes per Case: 10


Our gloves lead the charge in personal protection. Together, through increased education and dependable products, we can Outsmart Infection® and change the world for the better. Click here to get a free sample of our disposable Nitrile Powder-Free Plus 5.0 Exam Gloves.

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