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The Nitrile Powder-Free CORE 3.5 Glove is a Star

Aug 7, 2019 3:00:00 PM    posted in General Purpose Gloves

Starfish are beautiful creatures with some truly amazing abilities. Starfish can regenerate lost arms, which is useful if  it is injured by a predator. It can lose an arm, escape, and grow a new arm later. Since most of their vital organs are located in their arms some species can even regenerate an entirely new sea star from just one arm and a portion of the star's central disc. It doesn’t happen overnight though, it takes about a year for an arm to grow back. This incredible and adaptable creature is the perfect representation for the Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free General Purpose Core 3.5 Gloves

The Ventyv® Nitrile Powder-Free General Purpose Core 3.5 Gloves (Starfish) prove to be the stars when it comes to personal protection. The Starfish glove has many strengths including, tactile sensitivity, protection from chemicals, and cost-effective value. This offers it all. Flexible, adaptive, and gentle, these nitrile and powder-free gloves are ideal for a wide variety of general purpose uses. Whether you need gloves to ensure good hygiene in a busy food factory or restaurant, reliable protection against cleaning chemicals, or a solid barrier in non-medical laboratory work, the Ventyv® Starfish is here to lend a hand.




Product Attributes:

  • Lavender Blue

  • Nitrile

  • Powder-Free

  • Rolled

  • Fingertip Textured

Glove Sizes:

S, M, L, XL

Glove Quantity per Box: 100

Boxes per Case: 10

Our dependable and adaptable gloves lead the charge in personal protection. Together, through increased education and dependable products we can Outsmart Infection® and change the world for the better. 

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