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8 Things To Consider When Choosing a Disposable Glove

Apr 19, 2022 7:57:00 AM posted in Infection Prevention, Exam Gloves, General Purpose Gloves

Every tool is made for a purpose and works at its best when used as intended. The same holds true for disposable gloves. They are not all created equal, so it’s important to choose the right glove to use under the right circumstances. Using the wrong glove could be a safety hazard, interrupt workflow and waste money, time and resources.

General purpose disposable gloves, which are suitable for janitorial or food service, must  never be used as a substitute for medical gloves. Disposable gloves intended for general industrial uses are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA considers disposable medical gloves—exam and surgical gloves—as Class I medical devices that must undergo specific testing.


Things to consider when choosing a disposable glove

When choosing which disposable glove to use, the primary concern is the safety of the wearer, the public, and the patient if in a healthcare setting. Other workplace conditions that should be taken into consideration include:

  1. 1. Contact with bodily fluids or pathogens–-FDA regulated medical exam and surgical gloves have quality requirements for  barrier protection between the wearer and the patient. Only medical gloves with an appropriate pre-market clearance should be used.
  2. 2. Contact with dangerous chemicals—It’s important to know exactly which chemicals you will work with before choosing a glove. For example, check the SDS of the chemicals being used for the proper PPE required
  3. 3. Touch sensitivity—Gloves can come with fingertip texture or full glove texture for better grip.
  4. 4. Flexibility, fit, comfort—Workers who spend most of their workday wearing gloves need a form-fitting glove that molds to their hand for better dexterity and comfort.
  5. 5. Possibility of latex allergy—For people with a  sensitivity to natural rubber, latex can cause allergic reactions.
  6. 6. Powder or powder-free—In 2016, the FDA banned the use of powdered gloves for surgeries or medical exams. While powdered gloves are still available for non-clinical uses, the powder may contaminate food or surfaces.
  7. 7. Skin-protective coating—Some glove wearers prefer a high-quality glove coated with skin protectants, like aloe or vitamin E, to help prevent dry, cracked skin.
  8. 8. Number of glove changes per shift—Even if workers need to do many glove changes per shift, it is important to have quality gloves to make sure they perform as expected. Frequent tears and rips in the gloves interrupt work flow and increase glove consumption.

Once you’ve defined your list of priorities for the features of your disposable gloves, you can make an informed choice about which gloves are the right ones for your tasks.


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