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Ventyv’s Commitment To Sustainability

Sep 15, 2020 10:00:00 AM     posted in Infection Prevention

Climate change and its effects can no longer be ignored and if we are to adapt, we need to do it quickly. But what does that mean for the medical sector? Are we to bring about a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry, or do we just separate our glass from paper with more care?


Finding compromises now to safeguard future generations

Considering the role medicine plays in encouraging healthier lifestyles, you might think promoting sustainable practices over non-sustainable ones would be relatively simple. Unfortunately this isn’t the case — after all, how do you redirect resources to combat climate change and safeguard future generations, when there are people in the present who could benefit from those resources? 

Perhaps the solution lies in incremental changes that build on one another for a more sustainable future. A sentiment that’s shared by the executive summary in the WHO’s strategic document: “Sustainability-oriented actions in stewardship, service delivery, resource generation and financing (the core health systems functions) can all contribute to attaining” an environmentally sustainable health system.


Actions speak louder than words

If we’re to see any measurable improvement in our world’s climate, we need to commit to sustainable practices. Thankfully, many of our peers agree and we’re already seeing great progress on the manufacturing front, with a future-forward article by Medical Technology recommending:

  • The use of greener materials such as reusable plastic cartridges and paper- or plant-based recyclable housings.
  • 3D printing as a viable means of reducing waste during research and development stages and product prototyping.
  • Multiplexing of lateral flow diagnostic tests as a means to promote sustainability and operational efficiency.


Sri Trang — founded on sustainability

One of the world’s largest producers of natural latex rubber offers a prime example of how sustainability can be put into practice. Sri Trang has seven glove manufacturing facilities across three campuses in Thailand which produce 25 billion pieces of latex and nitrile gloves annually. The company is committed to an environmentally sound approach to production that minimizes the social and environmental impact of their operations, while promoting the sustainable consumption of natural resources. 

In an article published by Repertoire, Vitanath Sincharoenkul of Sri Trang’s Marketing and Brand Management elaborates:

“Sri Trang participates in numerous community and society development initiatives through various activities and projects. Of course, we focus on producing high quality products, but do it using environmentally friendly technology, green energy such as biomass, natural resources and energy conservation. And our employees participate in various ways from community projects to finding unique ways to reduce waste internally.”


Sustainability starts with the company you keep

For Ventyv®, the sustainable manufacturing and production of high quality exam and general purpose gloves has always been our top priority. This is why we are proud to call Sri Trang our partner in infection prevention. Through this collaboration, we are able to honor our commitment to save lives across the globe with our medical and general purpose gloves.

If you’d like to join the movement to Outsmart Infection®, please click here to request a sample  of our infection preventing, environmentally friendly gloves. 

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